Information on October 2018 Men's Over 40 Division

We have an opportunity to restart a men’s over 40 division for a brief test period this fall.  The soccer complex has reconfigured one of the lighted fields to use for U12 youth play, which would make two fields the size of the fields we used this past summer for men’s and women’s over 30 play.  We didn’t need the field for our Wednesday coed play, so we’re looking to have an October men’s Over 40 competition for 7 v 7 play.  If we start games at 6:45 pm and 7:45 pm, we’ll have space for up to 8 teams and we’ll be done by 8:45 pm, about the same time the coed games are finishing.  Here’s a link to the Over 30 7 v 7 rules we started using this past summer and will use if we can get this going.

7 v 7 Over 30 rules

We can do four game season starting on October 3 and be done October 24, which keeps use from playing on Halloween.  If this works well, then we’d look to expand it to a full 8 game season in the spring.  Based on field rent, lights, and referees, we could do this for $30 per player for people who are currently registered in ASL.  A player who is not playing in ASL in the fall season will need to pay $20 for their annual insurance and national registration fee and would pay a returning player fee for the spring season.

We need players and we need people to organize teams.  We’ll be setting up a team application process and will go through the standard registration process and all of the registration can be done online.  If you’re interested in being on a free agent list, let us know at  If you’re putting a team together for this, let us know that and we’ll guide you through the registration process.  Since this is our kickoff season, we can use numbered pinnies so people will have uniforms and not need to try to outfit a 7 player team.




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