General info around ASL soccer nation - February 21

The team application process is closed for Spring Sunday division 2020.  For general information, click here. Sunday schedules are posted.

The online payment system will close at 2 pm on Friday February 21 and remain closed until Monday March 2 after the first game.

We plan another season of Wednesday rec coed 7 v 7 play at the soccer complex in Bernalillo.  More information here.  If you're an existing ASL team, you can submit a team application through your team folder.  If you're a new team, click here for the team application form.  We're also working with the Jewish Community Center on a Saturday afternoon 4 v 4 coed division in a small futsal style facility they have at the JCC on Wyoming north of Spain.  We're working on some playing rules that we hope to have posted later this week.  

We're looking at the starting up over 50 pickup soccer and a reset on the walking soccer program and will have both posted after we get the March 1 hysteria behind us.

USSF has substantially changed how you become a certified referee in 2019 and forward.  We've updated the Referee section with the story on that, all of which you can do from the warmth of your house.  Click the Referee link above this section and you'll get the details.

We've got players looking to connect with spring division teams so if you need extras check the players looking link below.

If you want to get on our free agent list, click here for details.

If your team needs players, click here for info on getting posted on our Teams Looking List.



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