General info around ASL soccer nation - May 25 Update

The office is open today, May 25, for summer registration.  We're closed Monday and will open again Tuesday for normal business hours.

We're getting ready to close summer team applications Friday so we can start on the schedules over the weekend.  For coed play we've got spots on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sunday and Monday are closed.  We can still take teams in all of the other brackets and will start making schedules on Sunday.  Also, for the summer over 50 7 v 7 we'll move from Wednesday nights to Tuesday at the vote of the participants from the spring.

Teams looking and players looking for the summer is getting action again.  If your team is looking for players, usually those currently still in the Champions League final, send us your stuff and we'll get you posted.  It's a good time for people looking to get on a team as they're getting formed.  And we'll continue the over 50 pickup night through the summer so if you want to join up, let us know and we'll get you on the roster.

The international football board has made significant changes to the Laws of the Game that you may have heard of.  We've added a section below with a brief description and links to the documents in English and Spanish with further details.  To save a couple of people time who send us an email to ask where it is, click here.

Summer season team and player registration is open for business.  If you have a team in spring 2019 or had one in summer 2018, go to your team folder and submit your team application through your team folder to preserve your roster history.  If you're registering a new team for the summer season, click here for the team application link.   Go to the Registration link above or click here for all the info on the Summer 2019 soccer season.

Go here for information on the spring Sunday play as well as our new weekday programs. Scroll down for info on the soon to be Tuesday Over 50 pickup soccer.

If you want to get on our free against list, click here for details.

If your team needs players, click here for info on getting posted on our Teams Looking List.



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