October 1 game rosters and guest players

We're changing the roster posting system for the remainder of the season to do this:  We've posted October 1 rosters Friday without any guest players.  Therefore, those of you who aren't using guest players can go ahead and check your roster and print it at work where you may have a printer.  You can also check your roster and make sure you catch any omissions and let Michele know so she can correct them.  The rock hard deadline to nominate guest players is Saturday at noon, so we will update the rosters tomorrow after noon and repost ALL of the rosters, not just the ones with guest players.  

Game rosters are posted here.  

October 1 guest players are listed here.

Deadline to nominate up to three guest players for October 1 games is noon on Saturday September 30.  We'll repost rosters by 1 pm Saturday with guest players and a list of guest players by team.


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