Players Looking for Fall 2019 Teams - August 17

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.




Shannon Snyder, 23, coed high level, Outside defender or mid-fielder, Club, high school, and college  630-991-0035  yes  8 12


Ryan Bresson, 30, Men’s/Coed, any level, Midfield and Defense, Experience: 2nd-12th grade school and traveling teams; college intramural teams  330-314-8327  texting OK  8 17


Michael Ford, 37, mens and coed, rec level, Keeper, fullback, center back, or forward, Experience: 10+ years in various adult leagues  ​​  301-538-0972  texting OK  8 17


Bo White, 29, mens high level, MF, F, Collegiate player Division II All American  ​  505-353-2014  texting OK 8 16


Michael Illescas, 28, mens second division, prefer Midfield but can play anywhere, been playing since I was 4. Competitively through high school.  505-459-7812  texting OK  8 15


Dave Green, 49, rec level coed, spent years watching my boys in AYS?O and want to give it a shot myself.  505-250-9903 texting OK  8 15


Cass Richers, 35, mens’ third division, defender, High school and past men’s leagues   979-777-9030  texting OK  8 15


Jos Allen, 26, mens, high level, Forward, midfield but can play anything but Goalie, 18 years experience,  ​​  505-553-1582  texting OK  8 14


Davide Priante, 28, mens and coed, mid to level competition, Central midfielder/ Wing, lots of experience,  (505) 322-4425  texting OK  8 14


Gerardo Velador, 23, mens’ any level, Center/Right Defense, Center/Right Mid, played High school & Sunday’s men league  505-800-8428  texting OK  8 13


Dom Draper, 29, mens and coed, mid to high level, Forward + Defender, 7 years outdoor/indoor  505-463-0328  texting OK  8 5


Ariel John Carlos, 22, mens and coed, Competition level: high, advanced skill level, Goalkeeper, 11 years of playing soccer, college-level  +639177081092(Philippines mobile number)  texting OK  7 25


Isaac Romero, 27, coed, intermediate level, Goal Keeper/Midfield/Wing Back, Several Years with ASL  (505) 554-5657 texting OK  7 23


Seun Ajayi, 35, mens and coed, any level, Midfield, Striker, Defender, Experience: rec leagues,  615-397-1559  texting OK  6 27


Callum Ralph, 24, mens and coed, rec or midlevelk, any position, Experience: 14 years playing in Scotland.  909-562-8879  texting OK  6 15


Dustin Ramsbacher, 24, men and coed, any level,  Winger, Defensive Midfield, CB, Experience: 2nd Division Men’s Spring 2019 (Huarumos)  505-366-7140  texting OK  6 7


Nate Vogt, 23, mens and coed, high level,  left midfield, defense,  played high school, college   803-627-5062  texting OK  5 29


Jonathan Chiang, 42, mens and coed, played high school, fullback/forward, played soccer from 5yo-.  Played at the far west regionals for U15, U16, U17.  School state champs in 10th, 11th, 12th grade.  All ILH and all state for Hawaii 1995.  808-554-1566  texting OK  5 27


Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation