Players Looking for Fall 2019 Wednesday and Sunday Teams - October 10

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

Wednesday teams


Nathan Engquist, coed, 38, Competition level: I played in Rio Rancho leagues for a few years as a kid and coached girls varsity for a year.  I had some abdominal surgeries a couple of years ago so I’m not 100% anymore. I’d say I’m 80% now and 30 lbs heavier than I’d like to be. I do go to the gym regularly though so I can sustain jogs and runs up to a couple of miles.  forward preferred, midfielder ok, I really want to be at the lowest level first just to ensure my survival due to previous injuries. I’m super passionate about the game and I watch pro leagues worldwide whenever possible.   505.304.1473  texting ok 9 4

James Vigil, 33, looking to join Wednesday evening Co-Ed team for fall season. Plays all positions except goalie. Played at high school and college level.  505-908-1130  8 21

Sunday teams




Kayla Gatewood, 19, women’s high level, forward/striker, played 12 years. 505-489-9312,  texting OK  10 4



Darven Escano, 30, men’s rec level, midfield and forward, played through high school and league soccer.  505-920-8877  no texting and calls between 5 and 8 pm please  10 10

Jacob Meyer, 28, men’s division, high level, Mid/ Forward, Experience: College Division 2,  (307) 660-7131  texting OK 10 10

Name:Tamim Erfanyar and Shukran Erfanyar, 16 and 17 year old brothers to play on the same men’s mid level team.  Tamim: forward (better), defender, attack midfield ( also better). Not a goalkeeper.  2 years of high school experience overseas in Central Asia. Good endurance.  Have good basic skills, committed to training and developing…..  Shukran:  left forward preferred.  6 years of league experience overseas in Central Asia. Good endurance. Also committed to training and skills development.  702 280 2372  texting OK  10 10

Barry Berenberg, 54, mens or coed, low rec level, Goalkeeper, Experience: My son plays keeper and trains with Savva Biller. I attend all of his trainings, assist with coaching, and run drills and warm-ups. I played an occasional pickup game in college.  505-515-5900  texting OK 10 5

Eddie Jaramillo, 41, Men's or coed third division, low rec level, Prefer midfield, right or left wing. Will play other positions except goalkeeper.  Experience:  10+ years, but have been out of the league for about 2 years due to having to travel for work. Back in Albuquerque full-time after October 2nd. Prefer a team that practices. For the most part I am looking to have fun, get back into shape and be somewhat competitive.   505-261-5971  texting OK  9 26

Juan Gonzalez, 23, men, first or second division, left back or left wing, played 6 years,  505-450-9948 texting OK  9 15

Andrew Fahey, 17, mens and coed, High School Coed and AYSO, Defender, 5 years experience,  (505) 639-8885  texting ok 9 18







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