Players Looking for Spring 2019 Teams - April 25

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Connie Behling, 31, womens and coed and womens over 30 for the summer, any level, Mid field, but can play all positions (minus goalie), I've played since I was 5, competitively until college, then just for various rec leagues  773-682-2434  texting OK  4 18



Max, 31, mens and coed, high level,  Anything but goalie. Prefer midfield or stopper. Most my life duke city soccer league. years of break and back at it now,  505-504-8708  texting OK  4 25

Hans-Peter Dumm, 43 mens’ ro coed rec level, midfielder,   4 23

Jackson Nzau, 34, coed, rec level, just want to play and have fun etc, Forward and Midfielder and if need be defender, only played in summer league,  505-577-7343  texting OK  4 17

Aaron Beyer, 20 High level men’s play, played in the developmental academy, Pro Trials, goalkeeper, 14 years experience,  512-608-1680  Text preferred  4 17

Matthew Showa, 21, summer men's and wednesday coed divisions, striker, goalkeepers, played in school and other sports like track.  928-349-1660  no texting  4 17

John Wilcher, 30, mens and coed, high level left back, left midfielder, play youth and high school  908-764-7350  texting OK  4 17

Muhammad Umar, 36, m, mens and coed, high level, played since a child outside US,  920-544-3317 texting OK  4 9


Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation