Players Looking for Summer 2019 Teams - July 16

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Sarah Scarff, 39, coed and women’s, rec level, fullback and/or sweeper, I played as a child on AYSO and club teams and all through high school. I haven't played much since then.   505-389-7880  texting OK  7 13

Kate Patton, 27, Women’s and Coed, rec level, any defense position is preferred. Will play any position if needed,even goalie if it’s desperately needed but it’s definitely not something I enjoy doing all the time. played competitive league in Florida and varsity all through high school.  505-280-7867  texting OK  7 7 


Brandon and Michael Estrada, 30 and 35, mens and coed, any level, Brandon midfield and defense, Michael - midfield and striker, Bradnon played college club, Michael played 30 years, 505-879-8275 or  505-306-9031 texting OK  7 15

Parker Padilla, 21, mens and coed, any level, goalkeeper, 2 years experience,  505-401-6014  texting OK  7 11

Seun Ajayi, 35, mens and coed, any level, Midfield, Striker, Defender, Experience: rec leagues,  615-397-1559  texting OK  6 27

Callum Ralph, 24, mens and coed, rec or midlevelk, any position, Experience: 14 years playing in Scotland.  909-562-8879  texting OK  6 15

Dustin Ramsbacher, 24, men and coed, any level,  Winger, Defensive Midfield, CB, Experience: 2nd Division Men’s Spring 2019 (Huarumos)  505-366-7140  texting OK  6 7

Dominic Gonzales, 28, mens and coed Low or Recreational level, Defensive/Midfield,  12 Years up to high school and recreational play in college  505 221 0853  text or email preferred.  6 2

Nate Vogt, 23, mens and coed, high level,  left midfield, defense,  played high school, college   803-627-5062  texting OK  5 29

J.C. Baillio, 26, mens and coed, rec level, Midfield or fullback, Club soccer & high school,  (505)-400-9433  texting OK  5 29

Jonathan Chiang, 42, mens and coed, played high school, fullback/forward, played soccer from 5yo-.  Played at the far west regionals for U15, U16, U17.  School state champs in 10th, 11th, 12th grade.  All ILH and all state for Hawaii 1995.  808-554-1566  texting OK  5 27

Patrick Rendón, 37, coed, Skill level is moderate to high, but looking for rec, Defense or midfield, Experience: 27 years  505-264-3217  texting OK  5 27

Jose, 22, Men’s division, any level, I’ve played in 3rd mostly. Couple times in 2nd,  Any Attacking, I play Wing but I’ve been put in any position besides Keeper.  505-589-2340  texting OK  5 27

Max, 31, mens and coed, high level,  Anything but goalie. Prefer midfield or stopper. Most my life duke city soccer league. years of break and back at it now,  505-504-8708  texting OK  4 25

Hans-Peter Dumm, 43 mens’ ro coed rec level, midfielder,   4 23

Jackson Nzau, 34, coed, rec level, just want to play and have fun etc, Forward and Midfielder and if need be defender, only played in summer league,  505-577-7343  texting OK  4 17

Matthew Showa, 21, summer men's and wednesday coed divisions, striker, goalkeepers, played in school and other sports like track.  928-349-1660  no texting  4 17


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