Players Looking for summer teams - June 16

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

Couples for same team:



Devin Mandell Kloster, 28, womens and coed, forward/midfield but I’m really happy to play anywhere but goalie,  I played in college and the last few years playing in a rec league in cruces.  631-504-8401  texting OK  6 16 21


Justin Giedroc, 28, mens and coed, high competitive level, can play anywhere, best at left back/left wing Experience: some college  814-380-1577  texting OK  6 15 21

Players looking for same team  Jarrod Rhoades, 32, mens and coed, forward, wing,  5-7 years in the ASL. On my last team (UNMH we went from 3rd division to first as a team) had a trail for New Mexico United  505) 328-1974  texting OK   and Victor Urbina, 32, male, mens, world cup, goalie,  915 207 4918, texting OK  6 14 21

jimmy Jara Alvear, 28, men’s and coed, competitive level, center mid, playmaker, center forward (second striker)  xperience: Youth18 professional team in Ecuador. College soccer in NC.  407-885-0086  texting OK 6 14 21

Kenny Fife, 34, mens and coed, High to rec, been 2 and a half years since I been on the pitch with moving, healing and pandemic.  Forward, Midfielder  played since 10 years old   858 761 5441  texting OK  6 8 21

jonathan Carlson, 39, mens and coed, any level, Striker/CAM, Experience: 34 yrs  505-377-0245  testing OK 5 31 21

Pierce Ferriegel, 35, mens and coed, rec level, Anything but goalkeeper, I grew up playing soccer. Played in high-school for 2 years and have 4 years in of experience playing in both adult indoor and outdoor. Ive played every position and I'm a great team player.  505 306 3797  texting OK 5 30 21

Ramon Atayde, 39, mens, intermediate level, Midfielder, defense, Experience: Average   915 246 3189  texting OK 5 23 21

Mohammed Marie, 43, mens, high level, striker/forward, 30 years experience,  505-417-9548  texting OK  5 21 21

Ken Merhege, 37, mens over 35 or coed division, any level of play, Defense and midfielder, I played soccer through high school.  I began playing again for ASL on a Division 1 men’s team in my 20’s.  I have played coed for the past few years  505 273-0729 texting OK  5 19 21

Benjamin Sanchez, 47, mens division, very competitive, left or right wing, 20+ years experience,  505-307-6036  texting preferred 5 15 21

Rod Nelson, 57, mens and coed, rec level, Position: #1 keeper, #2 fullback, Experience: Seattle/ Snohomish county metro leagues  505 635 0515  texting OK 5 15 21

Nicholas Zetterholm, 42, coed, rec level, Mid fielder/Defense willing to play any, many years of co-ed B/C and Men’s 2nd division  (505) 440-5727  texting OK 5 12 21

Aaron Wood, 33, mens and coed, low rec level, defense and midfield, 8 years experience,  661-703-9907  texting ok  5 8 21



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