Players looking for teams for fall 23 - Sep 28

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.



Olivia Amaya Ortiz, 27, womens and coed, rec level, Midfield, Defense, Experience: Grew up playing club soccer through high school until ACL surgeries prevented me from playing college-level. Looking to get back into the sport and have fun. 520-203-1604  texting OK 9 28

Cynthia Ntare, 35, womens and coed, high leve3l, striker #9, Experience: Played since I was a kid, played in the school team as well  254-462-1071  texting OK 9 17

Mallory Patterson, 27, Coed, high level, Attacking center mid  4-year collegiate starter at Shippensburg University. Looking to get back on the pitch since moving to Albuquerque.  228-243-5727  texting OK  9 12

Megan, 34, womens mid level, goalkeeper, played competitively in high school. 15 years ago.  please email  9 11

Vanessa Enriquez, 36, womens rec level, Midfield/Forward, Club/Select, High School, College but I'm out of shape and slow now :(  so help make me fast by signing me up!!  972.742.4461  texting OK 9 11


Nathan Zaidman, 35, mens and coed, any level,  outside midfield, defender, long experience,   505-277-0682  email contact preferred.  9 12

William S Snedigar, 20, mens division, any level, forward, striker, midfielder,  Experience: 8 years or so  505 785 2540  texting ok 9 12

Johannes Oeksnevad, 25, mens divivion high level, Played in college and USL 2., Forward  Played for a college team in NCAA Div 2, and also two seasons of USL 2. I haven't played since I graduated (2 years ago), so I'm a little rusty.  832-472-8815  texting preferred  9 12

Brandon Ocmand, 26, mens and coed, high level, defense/wing, 10 years experience, highest level college club soccer  (504) 722-2173  texting OK 9 11

Joshua Howland, 24, mens and coed, low/ rec, any position, experience: None atm, trying to get some experience  505-677-2240  testing OK 9 11

Daniel Fernando Gallego, 33, mens and coed, rec to mid level, Position: Defense (6'5 tall),  Played recreational soccer for more than 15 years weekly before moving to the U.S. 7 years ago.  206-717-1375  texting preferred. 9 11




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New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation