Players looking for teams in summer - July 2

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

Couples for same team:



Meghan Kiker, 25, women and coed, high level, played travel ball growing up and throughout high school. Played D3 soccer at Rhodes college.  prefer center mid or midfield but can play forward. Can also play goalie.  17 years (last six were as goalie)  615-962-0146  texting OK  7 2

Rachel Zweig, 28, Coed, Women, high level, I can play any position, but I prefer center mid and outside back. I used to play keeper but can no longer play due to an injured shoulder.  I have played for 25 years and played college soccer at Hendrix College.  479-332-9162  texting OK  6 13

Brigid Contreras Ridlington, 19, womens or coed, high level, Wing/Attacking Mid/Forward, played for Sting F.C./Albuquerque United F.C., played at Albuquerque Academy, currently play for University of St Andrews  Please use email as I won't be back in the United States until later in May  5 3


Men for Summer:

Carlos Martinez, 32, men and coed, any competition level, any position, experience: college & recreational​  469-355-4846  texting OK   6 25

Michael Ford, 40, men and coed, medium/High level, Keeper, fullback, can play striker, Experience: 10+ years :​​  301-538-0972  email contact preferred 6 24

Chase Deaton, 25, Mens or CoEd, competitive level, Fullback (either side), 4 year varsity starter, few seasons of adult league/indoor after playing football in college  540-529-8441  texting preferred  6 12

Adrian Alamos, 25, men’s 1st, or 2nd Division, high level, goalkeeper, Experience: 11+  (505) 910-6768  texting OK  6 12

Samuel Shin, 36, mens andAdrian Alamos, 25, men’s 1st, or 2nd Division, high level, goalkeeper, Experience: 11+  (505) 910-6768  texting OK  6 12 coed, high level, CAM or Striker, played for over 15 years but not competitively (only leagues & pick up as an adult); fast, good passing, can score goals  505-403-6035  texting OK 6 9

John Ware, 20-, Men's/Coed, rec level, CAM/ST,  Youth league experience along with a pro trial and MLS academy trial.  901-674-1640  texting OK  6 6

Omar, 19, mens and coed, high level, midfield, Have been playing for 14 years. All conference Player at high school. Played 1 season of semi professional in Arkansas.  501-830-8791  texting OK  6 5

Dan Gray, 37, mens division, defender, Experience: club teams and intramural, quick on my feet   207-303-5773  texting OK 6 3

Tyler Brown, 28, coed, rec level, Defense or Wing, 12 years of competitive soccer, but a 10-year break since I last played on a team   505-350-5152  texting OK 5 23






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