Players looking for teams spring and summer - May 24

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

Couples for same team:



Gabriella Torres, 19, womens and coed, very competitive, fullback, 14 years experience,  ​​  (505)287-1267  texting OK  5 24

Bj Felter, 51, womens division, rec level, forward or midfielder, 30+ years of playing but have not played in 10 years. Looking to get back to my love for the game and have fun.   (505)489-8664  texting OK 5 19

Kee Straits, 46, womens or coed rec level, midfield or defense preferred, but willing to try any position except goalie, Last played in middle school, but I'm fairly athletic. I'm getting tired of watching my 12-year-old daughter have all the fun on the field.  505-720-3371, texting OK 5 19

Elizabeth Tonning, 32, women and coed, real low, basically I’ve never played before and I want to get on a team that will help me learn to play.  505-366-7925  texting OK 5 19

Laura Vidal, 33, womens division, rec level, Defensive or midfielder,  High School. Played ASL Fall 2021. Winter 2021-2022 and Spring 2022.  Prefer Monday or Sunday teams for summer play.   505-604-2167  texting OK

Mikayla Wade, 23, womens division, rec level, midfield/striker,  Experience: 11 years, I stopped playing my junior year of high school  (505)259-3794  texting OK 5 8

Brigid Contreras Ridlington, 19, womens or coed, high level, Wing/Attacking Mid/Forward, played for Sting F.C./Albuquerque United F.C., played at Albuquerque Academy, currently play for University of St Andrews  Please use email as I won't be back in the United States until later in May  5 3

Jacqueline Luchini, 27, coed preferred or womens, rec level, any but goalkeeper, Played throughout high school so I have a solid foundation but I haven't played in a while.  (505) 449-8408  texting OK  4 26

Andrea Marquez, 19, womens and coed, rec level, played high school/full field,  7v7 indoor club, Left back, right back, center 915-356-6163  texting OK  4 4


Men for Summer:

Emiliano Gomez, 18, mens, high level, Forward, but I can play anywhere, I’ve played for about 15 years at high levels, Im not sure it matters but I was first team all state in High school 2 years in a row.  (505)-717-5426  texting OK  5 23

Tyler Brown, 28, coed, rec level, Defense or Wing, 12 years of competitive soccer, but a 10-year break since I last played on a team   505-350-5152  texting OK 5 23

Michael Krygier, 34, mens and coed, rec level, Midfield & Striker, Club level in youth and in college  706-830-1755  texting OK 5 19

Calvin Luzum, 32, coed, rec level, defense, Minimal experience, last played rec/pickup a few years ago,  563-380-6207  texting OK 5 18

Gabriel Carrillo, 21, coed, rec level, Looking for fun but enjoy winning, played club my whole life,  Midfield & Striker  Lifelong club, highschool, college intramurals  602-574-9778  texting OK 5 3

Matthew Aguilera, 29, coed and men, rec level, Forward, Mid, Goalie, Experience: 20+ (Haven’t played in like 3 years though)   505.301.2944  texting OK  5 3

Jack Herren, 21, mens division, high level, striker,  4 years of travel soccer and 4 years of school soccer   404-416-3298  texting OK 4 26

Juan Mendoza, 64, Men’s competitive, midfield, some experience,  714-541-3088 texting OK  4 23

Brandon Ruzic, 34, men’s division rec level, midfield, played High school and rec leagues since then  217-493-9446 texting OK  4 23

Alonso Arredondo, 26, any level, striker\ defense, Experience 5 years,  505-681-2948 texting OK  4 19

HECTOR CASILLAS, 24, mens and coed, I WAS MY HIGHSCHOOLS'  VARCITY KEEPER.  HAVENT PLAYED IN A WHILE THOUGH.  Keeper or midfield, HCASILLAS1997@GMAIL.COM  505-489-0907  texting OK  4 17

London Wilder, 20, men and coed, any level, Wing mid, or left or right defender, varsity from 8-10 grade, pickup league freshman year of college  505-660-2285  texting OK  4 11

Mason Merida, 27,  Men’s or coed, used to play very competitively but a bit rusty and older so I’ll say intermediate. striker/forward but versatile could play center mid or defense as well. Not a ball hog more a team player,   played growing up and in college definitely a little rusty but looking to get back into it and have some fun. Maybe even make some friends!  773-996-1229 texting OK 4 9




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