Players Looking for winter or spring teams - Jan 14

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Wednesday teams

Wednesday soccer is finished for the fall season

Sunday teams




Lucy Bartel, 23, womens rec level, Center/ Right Back,   Youth soccer, High school soccer (slightly rusty, but can’t wait to get back into it!)  505-450-4834  texting OK  1 13

Sisters for same team:  Andy Evans, 21, womens division, rec level, have experience playing all positions including goalkeeper,  have played soccer for 14 years at recreational, signature, competitive club and high school levels  714-616-1631  texting preferred 12 29  Jennifer Evans, 23, womens division, rec level,  goalkeeper, played soccer through middle and high school at both recreational and club level   (714)833-4582  texting preferred 12 29

Amy Vo, 27, womens or coed, low rec level, any position except goalkeeper.  No experience, I want the exercise and to learn the game.   208-283-6311  texting OK  12 8

Sara Samani, 30, womens and coed, low rec level, recovering from surgery and haven’t played in a while, Maybe a fullback or left or right midfielder, I am just getting into it for the first time since I was 12.  575-551-8970  texting preferred  11 25

Deyna Alexandra Marroquin Medellin, 18, womens division, high level, defender, played since 7 years old  505-803-3545  texting ok  11 4



Shane Devin Schroeder, 18, mens and coed, high level, striker/midfielder, played high school varsity.  219-510-2349  texting OK  1 14

Aaron Montoya, 33, coed, rec level, any position except goalkeeper, 20+ years competitive soccer. Olympic Development Player.  (505)850-8291  texting OK  1 13

Jon Murtaugh, 28, men’s preferred, possibly coed, high level,  Center mid, wing, forward, 20+ years. Club through College, now a not old but not young guy trying to stay in playing shape.  770-722-8155 texting OK  1 7


Edward Quintana, 34, mens division, rec level,  forward, midfielder, or defender, one year playing indoor soccer  505-301-4739  texting OK  12 16

Joseluis Miranda, 22, Mens division, High level, very competitive Position: Winger left or right, attacking mid, left or right back Experience: 5 years of training 505-236-3171 texting OK  12 16

Aaron M. Sena, 31, mens and coed, mid to rec level, left Back, sweeper, midfield, experience: HS Varsity + recreational.  505.480.6960  texting OK  12 14

Gerardo Velador, 24, mens and coed, 2nd or 3rd division, Center/Right Mid, Center/Right back, Have been playing for 10+ years.  505-800-8428  texting OK  12 13

Mark and Scott Barnes, both 36, play on Dynamics in coed 3, looking for mens or coed team for winter division.  Both prefer attaching positions but willing to play anything but goalkeeper.  505-492-6363  texting OK  12 8


Christopher Lovato, 22, mens division, High, Very Competitive, Centerback, Center Mid, Forward, I played competitive soccer my whole youth career, eventually moving on to play two years of Division I soccer for UNM. I’m fresh off about a year and a half break from playing and really looking to get back to it.  (505)363-3118  Text is preferred and will be answered back the quickest.  12 7



Jonathan Alanis, 31, mens and coed, Recreational to a lower division- new to ABQ, need to adjust to altitude, mostly looking to have fun and meet people. Position: Mid or Forward, High School and law school intramural lower division  480-352-5609  texting OK  11 25

Darren Escano, 30, mens division, mid or rec level, mid fielder, goalkeeper/ medio y portero, Experience: high school soccer, indoor soccer  505-920-8877  no texting please. Call and leave a message.  11 25

Bruno, 29, mens and coed, any level,  Defense or goalkeeper, I have played soccer for a long time and am looking to have some fun.   505-835-3449 texting OK  11 15

Robby Savery, 32, mens and coed, midfielder, college experience,  319-540-1336  texting OK  11 15

Caleb VanderVeen, 34, mens division, third division, haven't played regularly since I was young (AYSO) so div 3, Anything but GK, see above, in shape though, run regularly   269-330-6295 texting OK  11 3


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