Refunds - Updated summer 2022

ASL will refund individual player registration money paid to ASL through our online registration system.  The $20 annual NMSSA payment is not refundable after the season starts.  That covers, among other things, liability and accident insurance and is in effect as soon as we start play.


We don't need a reason for someone requesting a refund.  We don’t need a doctor's note or anything else. While we admire the creativity involved in some of the stories, the value of the refund doesn’t increase relative to the creativity.


Every player is registered individually and is insured individually.  As soon as the player walks out of the office, we are liable for their insurance coverage. That means we will not trade passcards.  If a player decides not to play prior to the season, that player can apply for a refund.  We will not apply player A’s money to player B’s registration.  


Refunds will be calculated pro rata based on the number of games remaining in the season when the refund is requested.   If you wait 6 weeks to request a refund, those 6 weeks don't get returned.


Refunds will be credited against the credit card used to register the player in our registration system. 


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